Waiting for Spring…

Everyone told me that when you move to NYC you will get sick a total of 3 times within the first year. Really sick. Not just a cold or the regular flu. And a lot of things could factor in, I suppose. Change in weather (from California to NYC…huge difference whether I like snow or not….), more smog(? – come on LA is BAD!) and/or new flora & fauna. Whatever “IT” is, this is my third time! (Chris’s too BTW.)It’s the sick were you can ‘keep going’ but eventually end up flat on your back. Being a woman, I push and push until I HAVE to stay in bed. The last time I remember LIKING to stay in bed all day was grade school!I have found small beacons of hope sans antibiotics. It’s Mushrooms! Shrooms Baby!! 😛 And Xylitol. Yes, the sweetener.

First Xylitol, which I have used for a long time, but only to help with dryness. I read a little article that suggested (dont-cha love that) that Xylitol does not allow “germies” (my term) to attach to mucus membranes. I DO like that no matter how gross it sounds. I DID notice that my “throat on fire” feeling stopped once I used my Xylitol spray. (**sigh**) At least I could sleep with out Benadryl!

Then, whilst looking for more Xylitol on drugstore.com, I found Mushroom Immune Defense. The reviews were good and hearing that shrooms were good for you anyway…I ordered. It’s been interesting. I honestly felt very good after I took the Shroom pills. I even ventures out to get groceries the following day to have the experience knock the ‘feel good’ out and put me back in bed. (well crap!) BUT, the congestion started breaking up. Kinda like when you take an antibiotic and it starts killing the infection and you cough up your lungs. Yep, that’s me! Sounds bad…makes me feel better. Being an asthmatic I thankfully have inhalers out the wazoo!

I ‘think’ I’m on the road to recovery….at least I still have my sense of humor! Ha! 🙂

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