New York New York!

So if you read my Twit today…I saw a baboon’s……THING! Wow! I forget that animals could care less! The Bronx Zoo was fun, but it was “Pay what you think” donation day so EVERYONE and their kid was there!!! I honestly got a little claustrophobic! Grr!! But the animals were SO cool! The tiger exhibit was closed and that made me sad. I was hoping to see a bangal tiger like Skinny Kittie! I DID see a snow leopard, but it was hard to get a picture. Again SOOOOO many people!

Still recovering from the night flight. A little tired. I’m taking it easy the rest of the day. We go to the US Open tomorrow night and I’m SO very excited. Of course we have NO idea who we are going to see, but I don’t care. I just want to BE there!!!

Also 11 Madison Garden is SO fine! The best meal I’ve ever had hands down! It’s hard to even describe!! Wow!! WOW!!!

Anywho, day 3 and I’m just getting started!!! 🙂

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