I'm SO excited!! I've been meaning to do this for a LONG time and now….it's DONE! is now ready, open and WORKING!

AND I have a sale going on til tomorrow! But no worries! If you sign up
to my newsletter you'll get coupons and freebies!
🙂 Yeah!!!

Anyway, even if you don't buy, come by, window shop and sign up!! You'll be glad you did!!

(Doing the happy dance!)

Thank you!!!!

PS – Yes, I built it with help from my friend's book! Yes, it's SSL
secure and ALL payments go through Pay Pal so that CC info is NOT
stored on my server! (I think it's safer that way!!) 🙂

**This is a double post. If you are signed up to one of my other sites, please forgive me for the double notice!**

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