People’s sexiest man alive choice…

…yes it's been a while!….can't explain….loads of stuff!!

What gets me going today is my 110% agreement with People's sexiest man alive choice! Hot, talented, and loyal! Three HUGE OMG's for me….not sure about other females! I'm a weird cookie, so what I think may not be the average female status-quo!

We share the same birth date which is SO cool! (not the year…thank God!) 😛 But, the only other thing I would add to what I'm attracted to…a man's mind! Is he smart? Not just book smart but street smart….both are HUGE turn-ons! I was always more attracted to the nerds than the jocks….The jocks just made for better prom/Sadie Hawkins pictures and that made mom more happy!! (*grin*) AND if the 'nerd' is HOT? That's an added bonus!!! WOW!!

But the most important turn on (for me) is a man loyal and devoted to one woman! THAT'S SO FRIGGIN' SEXY and HOT!!! Especially for the woman to which he is loyal and devoted to!!! At least that's what turns me on and keeps me coming back for more!

Don't get me wrong, I'm NOT attracted to married men! I feel very strong about marriage! A bond between two people who choose, hopefully with passion as well, to be committed to each other til death! It's a HUGE thing and not to be taken lightly!! It's a decision I want to make once and only with a man I deem worthy enough!! So when ever I do get married, know that the man I choose… AMAZING or I wouldn't be with him!!! Everyone else…..just wasn't man enough!!!

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