My contest standing!

First of all, thank you SO much for your votes!!! I can even begin to
say thank you! Plus, with my new job and computer break down it's been
hard to let everyone know where I stand! Mom's been doing a great job
though! Thanks mom! 🙂

Well, right now, I'm number 22 out of thousands! So I'm SO grateful you
everyone!! The last day of the contest is October 6th! So if you have
anytime, I would again be so grateful for a vote!

Here's the link again: Luv Me So

And remember to just REFRESH or RELOAD the page so that the votes get counted in the contest!

Thank you again!! Without you…… music would be silent!

PS – I'm also putting this on my blog & related sites, so if you get a duplicate, I do apologize!

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