Great Mobile Sties to Check out!

In my quest to find something SIMPLE as in mobile applications….preferably WYSIWYG ones…I've found 2 really cool sites that you may want to check out!

The first is Zinadoo! You can create a FREE mobile website with limited ads and a nice, simple .mobi link. It creates a nice WAP site viewable on all types of mobile phones! (Looked great on my Smartphone AND my freebie WAP-only phone!)

-add video via youtube
-have a link to a telephone number (clicking it automatically dials the number from that persons mobile)
-VERY easy to use!

The site I made:
(check it out in your mobile phone)

Second is Beam it up Scotty

You can convert and upload files from your computer to your mobile phone for FREE!

-upload any type of file that your mobile phone can get (video, photo, documents…etc.)
-iPhone compatible
-you choose the compression rates
-it sends an SMS/text message link on your cell phone

These are pretty darn cool! Check the sites out if you are beginners in the world of making mobile!

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