Ha!!! I love green bananas!!

I can barely stomach ripe bananas! Seriously!! When I crave a banana it's ALWYS  a green one! And I always get the same quote, “Green bananas will make your stomach hurt!” Ha! Dr. Mercola….one of the highly recognized health guru's o' stuff to eat says differently!


See mom!! They won't make me ill and they never have! The ONLY way I will eat a ripe banana is with peanut butter (have to be careful eating too much of that (pb)….slight allergy)!

So go eat cha some GREEN bananas!!!

4 thoughts on “Ha!!! I love green bananas!!

  1. This is not meant to scare you, but we should learn from others. There was a study showing high consumption of green bananas in a group of people caused heart valve disease and serotonin induced congestive heart failure. Google it. After seeing that i always make sure there's not a hint of green on my bananas. Maybe this time you should listen to your mom.

  2. Eek!! Thank you for telling me!! Maybe I"ll just skip bananas because the yellow spotty ones…..I can barely stomach! I'll eat 'em if they have NO brown spots on 'em…..it may be a mental thing! No worries! 🙂

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