Busy Week! Plus techy2 Promo!!!!

Having a really busy week! But thank you to everyone emailing me and calling and telling my parents that you saw me on Boston Legal last Tuesday! Cool! My dad still hasn't seen it yet, because he goes to sleep so early, so mom TIVOed it! 🙂

Also, working on a possible new podcast with Madpod!! Working on that!! It's all about new tech stuff!! My segment was fun to put together!! 🙂 More on that later!!! But here's the link to the promo: http://www.podshow.com/showguide/?key_id=31&feed_type=pdn

This link goes straight to the promo: http://media.podshow.com/media/31/episodes/108174/techy2-108174-04-16-2008.mov

And for your reading enjoyment! Here are some articles I found quite interesting!

NEW Music Video Site featuring MAJOR LABELs

Studios are turning to books and MAGAZINES for new script ideas!

More later……

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