AFTRA Contracts they DON’T want you to see!!

Here's a link to a watchdog website for union actors! I'm not sure if this guy is going to get in trouble for having the AFTRA contract out for everyone to see!! Eek!! The guy shows where the problems are in the contract!!! WOW!!

You read – You decide!!

Here's a bit for what he said on the website in reference to certain sections of the contract:

If you
don’t believe AFTRA’s current leadership doesn’t want you see these
contracts, let me exhibit a letter and contract that AFTRA sent me
after considerable pressure on my part.

It is the “It’s a Laugh
Productions, Inc.” agreement between Disney and AFTRA leadership. As,
you read it, remember it sacrifices actors livelihood to a company that
reported annual revenue of *money THIRTY FIVE BILLION DOLLARS–a
significant amount that Disney credited, in the press, to such highly
successful AFTRA cable shows like Hannah Montana and others.

You’ll notice the use of intimidation in the letter to persuade me to NOT reveal the contracts content to you. Sorry, guys, it ain’t gonna work on the Ol’ Dog.


Now let’s look at that AFTRA contract that they don’t want you to see, for good reason.

You’ll notice beyond the residual giveaway in Section 4. (Exhibition Period) the particular Egregious Section 8.
(Pre-Payment of Residuals) that allows the good-hearted folks and
Disney to apply, with no limitations, original compensation against any
residuals that actors, mostly kids, may receive.

(SAG allows buyouts under certain conditions, but there are restrictions not found in the Disney contract.

For instance, the SAG TV
agreement forbids applying original compensation against residuals for
day players and term players. As to all other performers they “may
agree to an advance payment for reruns…provided the payment is
separately listed and is paid in addition to the salary…”)

You’ll notice that this
particular despicable pre-condition isn’t included in Lifetime’s “Army
Wives” contract. (Which I will post next) But then most savvy adult
actors wouldn’t go for that sh*t.

What can we say Mickey loves kids.

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