Bad Ass Hulu!

Just a friendly reminder that I'll be on the Bad Ass Frank Show tonight at 8pm PST!! Or as mom calls it the B.A.F. Show! Eek!! You can call in an chat and everything!! I'm supposed to teach him how to sing!! Should be quite interesting!!!

Also a bit of interesting news! is going big!! Well, at least now you won't have to wait to get a username and password you can just sign on! I love it AND it's FREE & LEGAL!!!

Here's some articles about it that popped up in my view:,8599,1721021,00.html,1,2413303.story?track=rss

One thought on “Bad Ass Hulu!

  1. Hey!I just googled "How bad ass is hulu?" and your web site was the first hit on google. Any how never heard of you but you're a pretty chick. If you're into honky tonk and rockabilly, check out the in & outlaws on myspace from san antonio texas. Just by looking at you I know we'd love to write a song for you.

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