Quarterlife – DOA

I read an article in Variety yesterday about how Quarterlife did go over so well in ratings! In fact, NBC has already pulled it but it could resurface with some minor promise on Bravo. Here's the Variety news about that:


ALSO, I found Tim Bourquin's email on it to which I agree with 100%. One worry that actors have had is that networks were gong to use the internet as a “back-door” to pilots. They are made online for less (paying actors & everyone else less) and then 'pitching' the finished project to  air on a major network under a rerun contract! 😦 BUT, I do understand that the Quarterlife actors were paid above scale apparently in anticipation of that happening. But as Tim said, “Some content is better for the Internet and some content is better for
television. There's no reason to constantly want to force one into the

Oopsie! Of course this is just more fuel for the studio's constant flame that New Media is still TOO early to guess how much will be made! Especially with a 4 year contract window. We (actors) just need to make sure that they (the contracts) are proactive and progressive!

(entre musik) Dum, dum, dum!!


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