I’m falling in love!!!

As I browse the inner workings of the video service known as blip.tv, I fall more and more in love with it! I've downloaded their UpperBlip program so I can upload more than 1 video at a time while including the title, summery, and tags on each….with the option to “apply to all” to certain features so I don't have to retype! Where have you been all my digital life? I place my hands on the smooth surface of my Mac and caress the keyboard gazing deep into the screen of my future episodes being uploaded, all this with out the commitment of payment. As I ponder how wonderful it would be to make that lasting (14 month) commitment a feel joy within me begin to stir! How can this be! All this for less than 100 a year…..14 months at that!! Do I, can I, make the commitment plunge?????
YES!!!! YES!!!! YES!!!! I CAN!!!!!!!

……………..I really need to get out more!!!

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