Reality Check for Miss America!!

Hmmm…I have not seen an episode yet, but I am VERY scared! This just seems to me like another  desperate attempt at saving what little integrity Miss America has left! So why has Miss America become the most laughed at and mocked pageant system in the Nation? Hmmm….you tell me!!

Fact: It IS a pageant…always has been…
Fact: MAO tried to make “Hillary Clinton-types” out of all of the girls in the late 80's and 90's. (No offense to Hillary at all, it was just too homogeneous and self-deprecating for many girls! And quite honestly ugly to watch…poor girls!)

What I think Miss America SHOULD be! A group of 50 individually minded ladies with 4 purposes in mind: service, scholarship, style, and success AND how each woman emulates these areas as an individual, not as a homogenized robot! (That is in NO way a reference to Mrs. Clinton!! She is a highly admirable, strong, intelligent INDIVIDUAL female! We just couldn't all be her!)

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PS – Thank you mikejaysmith for bringing this to my attention!

*note: the Four Points of the Miss America Crown are service, scholarship, style, and success!
*Miss America Reality Check on TLC Fridays 10/9c

4 thoughts on “Reality Check for Miss America!!

  1. I did a rant about the show on my latest PageantCast. The "Reality Check" show criticizes the pageant's look, feel, and by proxy, participants as a way of getting people — what? Interested in the pageant again? It's hopelessly bitter and negative…why does Miss America always start their pageant with an apology–sorry about the swimsuits everyone–and Miss USA, even after their ex gets back from rehab, says "Enjoy the show!"Irritating!

  2. I was really disgusted by the objectification of the pageant contestants. A friend sent this to me:One of the Miss America organization’s slogan is“Some call her a beauty queen, we call her a scholar.”After viewing the revamped Miss America show, many would call her a burlesque queen.In the past, Miss America was an icon: she projected a wholesome image of traditional American values. Now, she is scantily clad and salaciously “strutting her stuff” down the runway in a degrading manner. This once classy pageant has now been turned into a demeaning reality show that culminates in a pageant worthy of Miss Hooters (no offense to Miss Hooters contestants, who probably display a more sedate runway walk than that of the Miss America contestants).If you are offended by the licentious nature of the new Miss America pageant, email the pageant organization and let them

  3. I talked about this comment on the Karmyn Kast. I agree with a lot of what your friend said, but I also understand the need for a Miss America upgrade. (We just can't trade values for cultural changes!)

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