fixin’ stuff

I've been desperately trying to shorten my “to do” list!!  So, I've not been twittin' or blogging (obviously) as much! I've been trying to do some marketing for the Karmyn Kast and such. I DO want to SO thank everyone who's signed up for the yahoo group! I was trying to decide between yahoo & Google and it seemed that yahoo just worked out better!

A long time ago I had a Karmyn Kast store to buy t-shirts and such, but got rid of the link because I hadn't figured out the right files and dpi so that the photos looked really great when they were printed! Well, I think I've figured it out!! πŸ™‚ I'm still in the process of adding things and working on the prices. (Their base prices are not cheap!) So if you want to view the progress I have a link on the side of the blog and (sorry Mike, I know it's stuff on the blog…) Just need to get it out there! Even if no one (except my mom) buys anything, it's funny that's it's actually available! I also need to clean up the podshow site….it's a lot of work to figure all this out! BUT at least on the podshow page photos are easier to fix!! πŸ™‚

So the long and the short of it, if you have any ideas on other pictures and such I can see what I can do! (for the Cafe Press store) I know that I can't use my professional pictures! The photographer's won't allow that! So the pictures will only be one's that Image Forward has taken of me! (I love you Debbie!!) πŸ™‚

Wow! This turned out longer than I thought!! Sry!!

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