Annie Commercial!!

Okay!! Yes, I was ill today!! BUT, I did get my niece, Molly to get an Utterz and got them both to do a quasi commercial!! it was an idea we can up with at dinner and decided to do it! 🙂 I thought it turned out really cute! Revver has to review them, so Maggie put it on her mySpace! I'll use that for now!! Apparently Revver won't be reviewing anything until after the New Year! Which is cool! They need a holiday too!

Molly Minter – actress
Maggie Minter – voice over artist/script writer
Annie Tyler – doggie actress
Karmyn Tyler – producer/videographer/editor
Diane Minter & Sue Tyler – moral support!
Music from Mac iLife

Revver Update! They finally got it on! Not sure I like the quality! They didn't do it wide screen!

my commercial!!!! =)

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