SAG New Media Agreements!!!

I'm hopefully going to get a podcast out tomorrow or Wednesday sometime about the MOST awesome meeting I attended tonight on Dramatic Web Content!! (i.e. Webisodes, Mobicasts, Animation of the dramatic, theatrical kind….)

Bottom line is this:

1) Yes, SAG does cover web-media and new media (mobicasts)!!
2) No, you don't have to pay anything! Just treat your actors with respect under simple guidelines….like if it's going to be a 6 hour session…feed them!!
3) And YES, YES, YES, it is EASY (& a quick turn around) to do a SAG agreement!! REPEAT – it's SIMPLE to do and you will have a pool of FANTASTIC PROFESSIONAL actors to be in your web or mobi-content!

You (SAG members & Indie producers!!) have been LIED to you!!

SAG wants to help!!! Just make the phone call!!!!

More to come!!!!

2 thoughts on “SAG New Media Agreements!!!

  1. Hey Karmyn, Eban here.Man, that sounds exciting, especially so with the new Animated Adventures starting up.I can't wait to listen to the show!I will get to it as soon as possible. I am actually recording 4 shows today. Crazy!I am doing a 2.0 (done actually) a Quickjabs, a Turns Classic, and possibly a Behind the Curtain.Talk to you later!Cheers

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