So it begins!


'What's the biggest issue? Internet and New Media

What are we asking for in Internet and New Media? Two things: 1. Residuals for reuse of content (like replaying tv shows) on the internet. We're asking for residuals of 2.5% of revenue
— that means for every dollar they get paid, we'd get 2 and a half
cents. It's a flat percentage, so if they're right and they're never
ever going to make a penny, well then, we won't either. No harm, no
foul. Since 2.5% is our starting point, in any normal negotiation we'd
end up somewhere between what they want to pay (.3%) and what we're
asking for (2.5%). I'd guess 1 to 1.5 %. 2. Coverage and protections for original content (new stuff we create for the internet.) We're asking for basic protections so that when we write original stuff for the internet, we have rights — health and pension, minimum amounts, credits and separated rights
(so if we make some amazing character or show, we get the right to
share in its success.) We're just asking for the same protections we
already have for writing in TV or film. Nothing new or weird. Just the

What are the other issues? DVDs: Currently we get .3% per dvd, we're asking for .6%. Translation: now we get 4 cents per dvd. We are asking for 8 cents per dvd. Since most DVD's cost at least 10 bucks, that doesn't exactly seem like a bank-breaker. Whatever. Enforcement of Coverage:  There
are lots of shows, like game shows, documentaries and talk shows, where
writing is supposed to be covered under our contract. The companies
sometimes just ignore the contract — which means folks don't get
health and pension, and if they ask for it, they get fired. We want
them to stop that, and honor the contract they signed. Expansion of Coverage: We
want to cover stuff where writers are working without coverage, which
means without health and pension and other protections. The two big
areas are animation and reality. We think those writers should be covered.


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