Bathroom Break and ALL!

I so almost cried! I am SO happy for Roger and SOOOOOO (even) MORE impressed with Rafa! Good Golly!!! 5 setter? Geez!! Rafa, you ALMOST…and in this match…that meant something! A LOT!!! Amazing standin' O – bay-bay!! And Roger….lookin' sharp in all whites! hmmmm…..some of the best EVER tennis, I've ever seen! The only thing I'm really hacked about? Bud…….why'd ya have to go and ax Bud!! 😦 Crappy call!!!

2 thoughts on “Bathroom Break and ALL!

  1. Karmyn,I was wasting a few minutes between patients and did a search of Centenary College to see if anything new was going on there and next thing I know I found your webpage. Looks like you are keeping busy. It's nice to see old friends doing well. If you are ever in Shreveport doing any shows, shoot me an email. I haven't been to the theatre in years and sort of miss it. It would be fun to come watch you perform.Take care. Matt Mosura

  2. OMG!! Hey, Matt how are you? Or should I be saying Dr. Mosura? 🙂 Well, ya just missed me in "the Pit!" 🙂 I sang with the summer band! It was really cool! Tom arranged one of my songs and he did a BANG up job of it!! Not sure when I'll be back that way! But when I do, I will let you know!! :)toodles,karmyn

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