karmkast 13

Well….drum roll, please……it's out!! It's been viewed and so far so good!! Thank you Mike T for your encouragement AND the AWESOME BroLo song!!!!!! As well as Ray's intro!!! Yeah!!! I think I rendered it right this time and it can be downloaded on an iPod!! Yippee!! Let me know what you think!! It ain't art, but it was fun!!

2 thoughts on “karmkast 13

  1. Karmyn as a fellow podcaster I can appreciate how much work goes into each and every episode. I have enjoyed your audio podcasts greatly during my commute to and from work. As I said I am a podcaster as well and may be the only podcaster on earth who does not own an iPod. I have to tell you though I have missed your audio podcasts. If you could release an mp3 version of your podcast it will allow those of us who listen while commuting greatly. Thanks again. Mickey

  2. Mickey thank you!! i emailed you back, but I'll still comment a bit here as well!! you're not the only one who has asked. i do have a question: are the audio only mp3's on http://www.karmynkast.net working? I'm seriously thinking about creating an audio only podshow page……let me know!!

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