Hey everyone!! Yes, I’m still alive! J And in Hollywood, California!! (Technically, I found out!) Whoo-Who!! J Well, I’m getting settled, I don’t have all of my “stuff” from Texas yet, but it’s a work in progress! Should be getting a podcast out the end of this week sometime! Again, I don’t have all of the audio gear I did in Texas, BUT with a little help from my friends….isn’t that a song?…..I should have some nice sound equipment to use! Yeah!! More to come and something EXTRA special for KarmKast13….12 will be an update and 13??….it will be a BLAST!!!! 😛 – peace out! Karmyn


Shout out to Jen, Jon, & Julianne!! I love you guys!

One thought on “Holly-WOOD-land!!!!!!

  1. Hey Karmyn!Great to hear you've made is safely to California.Definitely looking forward to hearing all your news. Don't worry about the audio equipment, just grab a headset and get recording :)Hugs and stuff.- Neil. x

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