I have a confession to make!

I’m addicted! To Christina’s Podcast!! Christina who?? HELLO get a life!! 🙂 (or maybe i should…ouch!!!) Anywho….Christina Curry….Pod Save the Queen! Take a listen!! L-O-V-E! She ROCKS!!! Take a listen! Awesome music too!!! 🙂

Christoph…..are you my blogharbor-boyfriend?? Have you past the Kell-Bell test?? Hmmmm…..she MUST be told!!! I’ll do that today sometime………she’s family….lilke blood!! Give her a SHOUT!!!! Kell-Bell! (She gonna FREAK!!!) EVERYONE give her shout out!! She's funnier that I am!!! Seriously!!!!!

2 thoughts on “I have a confession to make!

  1. Hey hon 😉 Here I am and ready to be 'tested'. Aaaahh… I forgot, you probably are still in bed! hope you have some nice dreams anyway…So, looking forward to read/hear from you!(I am terribly curious about this test)Hehehe…

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