5 thoughts on “KarmKast5 out…..a quickie!

  1. Hey Karmyn, great new show! loved the intro VERY much. Can you tell me which song this is? At the end of the intro? Sounded pretty cool!Still struggling with my cold as well. Since almost two weeks now :(( Cant get rid of it… probably because of the chicken soup I did not get. :)Talk soonChris

  2. awe!!!! I'm so sry!! I really am getting better! You need to get some chicken soup!! it really does help!! if i could cook, i'd make you some! okay i CAN cook, i'm just a little lazy when it comes to doing it!! 🙂 PLUS, i'm in the states, by the time i got it to you…..you'd REALLY think i'm a bad cook!! (hee, hee!!) I'm very glad you liked the show!! I'll have to mention our "stat" on the next show! 😉 (HA!)do get better!! :*

  3. yeeehaaa… thanks for posting how and where to find this great song! nice jingle btw you made for the DSC #500 🙂 I really love to hear your voice!!didn't get any chicken soup :() – but hey, I am better already. maybe it was the nice wishes you sent me that did help ;)waiting for your next show to get to know your thoughts on our "stats" – and why not give a lesson to your audience on such nice southern terms (thinking of skeeeeeters – hehhe). that would be a laugh….love to hear from you soonchris

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