Christoph is……………

So this is one of the pictures that Christoph gave me to…put in my living room.  

** check out KarmKast4 ** i talk about his fan mail!

Okay, Christoph, if this is really you…because this is the internet….I think everyone will agree that……you are VERY good looking….in fact, you are a HOTTIE!!

BTW – my mom said you look better than Brad Pitt!  

10 thoughts on “Christoph is……………

  1. Hiya Karmyn and Karmyns mum!I have to admit I am terribly flattered by your comments but Brad Pitt is definitely HOTTER. I mean he is probably the only guy in the world where I could imagine…. at least half-way through… nah forget about that. ;-)Anyway, as a proof of my existence I will send you one or two more pictures. But I guess… these ones you probably should NOT post. Hehehe…Talk laterChristoph

  2. I DID receive your other photos! 🙂 And they are very professional! (and no I won't put them on the blog) But, I am curious…..are you a model?? If not, you should be!! :)cheers!karmyn

  3. No I am far from being a model. I have done one or the other private photo shoots, but that's about it. No idea how to become a pro model. Anyway I am too shy to believe I could be…But very nice to hear that you like them :o)

  4. hey, but that is really really true … somehow! :-)) probably shy isnt the word I was looking for – it was meant in the way of being deliberate and sensitive. like all Libras are. congratulations by the way! birthday one day before mine… how old did you become? 25? :)))

  5. ….sentitive, yes, deliberate….not that i realize…i don't think! 🙂 Oct 13th? is yours?? hmmmmm…….happy belated birthday! 🙂 Are you 25 too??? :))))

  6. Well… I… *sniff* turned THIRTY this year. OMG I am getting old ;-))) Geeee…. life goes by fast. I already need a tall cappuccino with an extra espresso shot to get half way through the morning! (Please note the reference to the CAPPUCCIIIIINOOO). Hahah, that was funny. I liked the "I look pale"-thing the most :o)

  7. jen and I are certainly silly!! and that was pretty tame!! 🙂 jen is pale, though…by choice! :)hmmmm….30? Well, honestly I'm not too far off from that! 🙂 We October babies need to stick together! 🙂 I'm drinking more coffee too….and uh NO you're not old! That would make me start to feel old and….uh, NO! 🙂 I do have a cold at the moment….so I do feel icky. And…..i finally had my chicken soup today!! 🙂

  8. Now the space to write gets pretty narrow 😉 Can you even still read this or is it more like one word per line?Now that is a coincidence: I have a cold too, started off yesterday. :(( The weather over here is terrible – looks more like London when I look out the window. Much colder though.Seems we have pretty much in common, eh? First I thought this when you said you like Extreme and good ol' Nuno. I have to dig out a track played by him which I found on a compilation one day. You'll LOVE that – at least I do :o))Would you mind sharing a chicken soup with me? I need it baaaad….. *sniff*

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