Episode III – The Halloween Episode!!

Okay so the 3rd Episode is out!! Full show notes the first few comments are at www.karmynkast.podshow.com. It just seems easier that way right now! I tried Wiki…..eek!! So, I got Castblaster and I like it so far!! 🙂 Still working out the bugs!!!

Thanks to everyone for all of the awesome feedback!! I’m using my gmail for all of the Kast stuff!! It’s karmyntyler@gmail.com. Gmail is REALLY awesome!! I’m also using http://www.myspace.com/nymrak for the Kast as well! 🙂 (That was my mom’s idea!!) 😛 But…if you listened to the 2nd kast….I have the www.karmynkast.net (what a mess THAT was!) just to listen to the cast and to show links to subscribe…..I honestly have no clue when the next one will be. I have enough info for 2+ episodes, and the time to actually do one…….ha, ha….hee, hee, hee……..HAR, HAR…!!!!!!! Oye!! 🙂

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