karmyn made a podcast!!!!!!

Yes, it’s been a while since I have blogged…way too much to go into, but I can give a little insight! First off, I seriously debated doing a podcast instead…because sometimes I just write WAY too much, and listening would be SO much easier! And talking would be so much easier too…my arms hurt when I write or type for any length of time! In fact…I may just do that….

lapse of time….like A LOT of time!!

….okay, so I made a podcast…it’s called the Karmyn Kast or KarmKast for short! Here’s the link: http://karmynkast.podshow.com

Already tried it…so it should be working!! 🙂 If not, please let me know!!! Enjoy and give me a few SHOUT OUTS guys!!! 🙂 :*

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