tennis pain….

Okay it's like happening again!!! In the dark ages there was a time when i watched Andre play and he would do really well!!!!! Okay, it's SOOOOOO happening again! And even though James did not win!!! I had to so go and run some major errands so i watched, had to leave, called to get the score, freak-out, went to where i had to go and BEGGED Mr. Mike to let me watch…freaked out even more…(3rd set tie break)…oh my GAW!!…hurried home to watch the rest…James gave a little more and… Well, basically, in my opinion, had I watched the entire game with out the interruptions, James would have won!! And, man, i don't even care about the potty break!! For goodness sake, when ya gotta go, ya gotta go!! πŸ™‚ Also, random, but there was a slow-mo shot of James hitting a 2-handed backhand and OH MY GAW, if there is anyone who hits that shot like Andre, it was SO right in that moment!! Whoa!!!

Obviously i've been watching the US Open, but not able to really blog because of…well a lot of things! Yes, i watched the last Andre match, but i didn't cry, i did tear-up though!! i have such a link to him in SO many ways!! (Kim I will so DIE if you EVER tell one of them!!) πŸ™‚ ARG!!!! So, it was hard to watch him leave, but hopefully, i'm only hoping, he'll do some commentary!! that would be awesome!! And there's always his children!!! Like I said before, I'm already a fan of their kids!! That's the type of love I have of this man!! And i don't even know him! it's pretty sad, though when you think of it!! But i liken it to die hard football fans of a certain team…i just don't have a team, just a guy!! i'm so gonna miss watching him…..i counted it up…..12 years i watched this guy play!! through the complete immaturity to the coming of age to the man who retired!! It's been a long relationship!!!

(random – love that “Heart Out” song playing at the end!!!)

Anywho, does James replace Andre? No, no one could, I'm just hoping for another player that i could follow as strongly…because i really love the game!! So much in the mind it's unbelievable!!!! James is right up there though! And I'm actually feeling some love for Andy too! Although it pains me a bit!! But Hewitt said some crappy things about James once and it really bugged me. I know i should forgive, but it was a racist one, and that REALLY grates on me!! So, Andy, here's kudos to you, man for bust his BUTT!!! HA!!!!!!! Now, if ya don't mind, please get in the finals.

And yes, i know Nadal is out! But, for some reason, my love is failing for him!! I'm so fickle! Hmmmm……the Spanish flame died on me!

And Andy, if you pull this off….i just might fall for you!!! Though it would pain me!! It'll be a love/hate relationship, i can already tell!!! OYE!!! And would you get privilege that Andre had….that spoke with Kim about….uh….NO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Andre was my first long time celebrity love!! it's over now, but I'm not upset, i have the videos i can pull out!! Which is EXTREMELY sad!! HA!!! (if anyone thinks i'm actually going to do that….their nutz!!! But, i may be tempted!!)

Oh, and even though Grey's is great……..not tonight!!! πŸ™‚ I have my priorities!

RANDOM: I wanna see Flyboys!!!! Looks like an awesome movie!!! Cool!!!!

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