Old Friends Getting Drunk Who Found You!

I’m sitting here with Debbie, one of my most awesome friends! And I’m looking over my email!! Well, I can’t lie, but my info@karmyntyler.com is filtered by…uh…my manager, so I got a forward from her about an email from some of my friends from high school!! I read it, shared it with Debbie and we both BAWLED laughing!! Oh my GAW!! Because. They HAVEN’T changed in ALL the years since high school!! So guys, I’m putting your email on my blog! HA!!! To those with small children, please understand that this is adult material!! DO NOT let them READ!! And PLEASE, please, please, do not try this at home!!! And NOTICE it went to my SPAM folder!!!


Here’s to NBHS:

From: Andrew Martin [mailto: Couldn’t do that to ya man!]
Sent: Saturday, August 19, 2006 2:28 AM
To: info@karmyntyler.com
Subject: [SPAM]Old Friends Getting Drunk Who Found You!


Hey Karmyn,


It took us a couple of times to write you name and this email as we are all drunk at the moment.  This is from Jason Milton, Andrew Martin and Thomas Bell.  Remember us??  We are now an architect, a doctor and a an entrepreneur of the first degree.  hope things are well.  Give us a holler if you ever get the hankering…hell if you ever actually read your own email?!?!?  Glad you're taking care of yourself. 


drew, jason and T

One thought on “Old Friends Getting Drunk Who Found You!

  1. Not an old friend but can absolutely relate to your friends comments … if you read your own email. In any event I am Shawne – I live in Marshall, Texas – found your music on buymusicdirect.com – trying to keep a singer/songwriter series going in our small town usa. I notice you have done a lot in our neck of the woods – northeast texas (close to shreveport) and thought I'd take a chance to see if you are this way anytime soon, want to book a stopover … your music is awesome and jazz is what I want to promote in this series. We have done texas and nashville singer/songwriter; some folk, a little rock … blues – but no jazz. Great creative, smoke free coffee shop concert type venue …. Anyway maybe I'll hear from you. ssomerford@charter.net Just trying to bring some good artists in (of course on a budget) and maybe you will be interested – or know someone who is! Many have found this a great "creative" stopover. Piney woods of East Texas. Thanks in advance. Shawne Somerford

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