Why I wrote Drifting…

Thank you Ed for thinking of me on your new podcast, “Looking out the Window.” And yes, I’m okay…now…  Thank you for being concerned. (grin) The promo is really, really cool! http://lookingoutthewindow.com/LOTW-promo1.mp3  


The podcast is about why you write certain songs and since Drifting is the only one I have out… well….  Bad situation?, yes,…over it? Yeah, but talking about it was weird. It’s always hard to rehash a relationship that you’d really rather forget. Well, I don’t want to forget, I want to learn from and never, never be in the same situation again. Hmmmm…. its been one of those, “I need another dose of P&W to get through” moments for the past few days. Yuk!! (BTW – Dan (a.k.a. Tug) I can not even begin to tell you how awesomely effective those songs have been for me! THANK YOU!! I’ve needed them and they came at the perfect time! Bless you!) Not sure when the cast will be up, but needless to say, it will be weird for me! I may crawl in a hole for a few days…JOKING….sorta….


On a lighter note….the French Open is this month!! ROCK ON!!! Rafa rocks & Rafa rules the clay!!! VAMOS!!  I was watching highlights from last years match (boy, am I a sick puppy! hee, hee) and it was SO awesome! BUT, the highlights when he (Rafa) beat Federer???? AAAHHHHHHHHH!!!! WAY too awesome!!!

3 thoughts on “Why I wrote Drifting…

  1. Excellent writeup. As i wrote in my blog, I love music that have meaning, and happy to promote that on my show. Your voice on "Amazing Grace" is simply wonderful.

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