Man was I ever HACKED OFF yesterday!!!!

Something happened yesterday that really hacked me off!! Okay, so I’ve had some issue with my cover tunes on the Podsafe Network. All of that over and done I started putting original material on. Well, I got an email from C.C. (from the PMN) saying that a guy had emailed him saying that he was “catching up” on his missed podcasts and saw that I (he even spelled my name wrong…) sang a Christmas song that Diana Ross did in the 60’s and gave the names of the writers. HELLO?? Well, luckily mom, who usually filters my website email, intercepted and cleared up the matter. The song that she (Diana Ross) sang was not even named the same nor were the lyrics or melody anything like that one I wrote! So, C.C. was just making sure that he didn’t need to take it off the PMN. Man that ripped me! This guy, who hadn’t even listened to the podcast accused me of something I think is foul, stealing a song! When I found out about it, I emailed C.C. and expressed my anger toward the dude…not C.C., I understand where he’s coming from…and I was quite miffed! C.C. responded by saying that he was going to “straighten his…butt…out!” Okay, he didn’t say butt, BUT you get the idea!! ARG!! I’m over it now, but I felt my integrity was at stake! And honestly…all the money in the world can not buy you good integrity and that is something I hold dear! I’m not perfect, but I hate it when people…because of…whatever…deliberately try to hurt someone like that. Maybe the guy was just reacting, but even so, check your facts first, man!!!!! Oye!!!

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