AAAAHHHHHH!!!!!! I screamed SO loud!!!

Oh my gosh!!!!! Trying to relax after a long drive to Temple, TX, checking out the theatre…which is awesome BTW… Okay! Randomly checking to see what’s on Broadway playing and GUESS WHO’S ON??!! Only my all-time favorite bari-tenor’s in the universe!! (And he’s SO cute!!) Hint…he was Raoul in the original Phantom of the Opera (Webber), Marius in the original Les Misérables, and Alex in the original Aspect of Love….AAAAAHHHHHHH…MICHAEL BALL!! He’s playing Count Fosco!! I honestly haven’t heard any of the music, but I heard all about it via Mary Jo last year. She said it was awesome!! (Christian was in London doing One Flew over the Cuckoo’s Nest at the time…and was brilliant-BTW!!) Like an idiot I didn’t look up the info…man, Michael Ball in NYC!! Somebody take me to New York!!!!!!


Oh and Paul, (hee, hee) no soap opera’s yet, only Walker, Texas Ranger. But, of course, every Dallas actor has been on Walker a couple of times!! J Thank you for playing Drifting!! J My new mic sounded pretty good on the promo, eh??!! YEAH!! No more metallic sound!!


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