Christian Bale & Slater; Dad in hospital; Supreme Vocalist Award; Notre Dame needs Ricks HELP!!!

Okay, more back blogging on its way. Hate that, but I just have not had the time.


First off, on the eve of New Year’s Eve, my dad was rushed to the hospital!! The problem: Pneumonia! It was crazy!! The crazy thing was that dad knew. He kept telling mom, “The last time I felt this way I had pneumonia.” And he was right! I gladly toned down my already boring New Years Eve plans and was at the home stead with the parents and a few friends watching movies. My friend brought a movie called Reign of Fire (She LOVES Christian Bale.) And I already had Batman Begins. (Okay, he IS a cutie!) I had never seen her movie, but it was Sci-Fi, so…of course I liked it! J AND a major cowboy Texan was in it: Matthew McConaughey!! AND he was bald AND hot!! Oye!!


BTW – GO LONGORNS!!!!!!! J YEAH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

But we won’t TALK about the Fighting Irish!! Ya know they have not won a bowl game since I went in 1994!!!! That’s it! I’m going to their bowl game next year and THEY WILL WIN!!!!! Just watch!! J (One more thing…even with my limited amount of football knowledge…this coming from a former cheerleader (my dark years) who hardly realized when they changed goal sides…even I know what an incomplete pass looks like!! Rick they NEED to listen to you!!! Quickly…my sister’s husband’s oldest brother is Rick Minter. Follow the link and you’ll get it!!


Okay, back to NYE!! This was cool: before the “party” began, I was online with Radio Get Wild and the neatest thing happened. I found out that I had won an award. They voted me….hang on let me look…okay, I don’t think is up yet, but it’s like the Supreme Female Vocalist Award for 2005. Wow! THANK YOU guys!! How awesome!! I’m SO honored!! First the Royal Court with Eban and now this!! Brilliant!! Mom was flippin’ out!! Dad, was…well…excited considering he was back home and in bed. J My friends were like…what?


Any way…more later on this past most awesome…but not so great hotel experience weekend!! J ????!!!! Can you say: fire?


OH one MORE thing! Eban…you are SO very welcome! Angel told me it was your birthday and just HAD to sing for ya!! Sorry about the dry vocals, I still don’t have a clue on how to EQ anything!! All, well! You can thank Angel for reminding me about it! Angel, YOU ROCK!!!!!!!!!!!!


EEEK!! One more thing again…sorry, it’s been awhile! A shout out to Mary Jo Slater, momma to Christian Slater, most awesomely talented actor!! I just got your Holiday Card and it’s AWESOME!! Congrats on all of the family’s accomplishments!! I have not looked at the DVD yet, but I will!! BTW – You were…and still are…the BEST teacher!!!! Thank you for your wisdom and honesty!! You ROCK as well!!


Okay NOW I’m finished!! J For now!

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