Happy Thanksgiving!!

Happy Thanksgiving!!


I hope everyone has a fantastic Thanksgiving! I spent most of the “off” day I had today trying to hook up my JX-10 to my computer! ARG! What a headache!  (…may ask for help on this one!!) Anyway, I have a new page on the website: http://www.karmyntyler.com/music1.html. I’ve been getting quite a bit of response for Drifting and am honored! Hopefully this way, Chris and I can put a little more food on the table! We have also recorded a Christmas song (DEMO-ed) that will be put on the PMN after Thanksgiving. I’ll blog more on that later…THAT was an experience!  (hee, hee!!) It’s not like Drifting; I really wanted it to feel like an old traditional holiday song, but always allowing the “Chris-factor” to make it extra special. (Yeah!!) So, grab your cocoa, snuggle by the fireplace with the one you love and enjoy!


Thank you again for enjoying our music! And I’m SO sorry for the blog maintenance scheduled tomorrow! (Sorry ‘bout that Jeff!!)  But, everyone will be spending time with their friends and family anyway! Enjoy!

One thought on “Happy Thanksgiving!!

  1. In Italy don't exist a Thanksgiving day, but I hope this will be a fantastic holiday for you and your family. My compliments for your CD, for your voice and the great atmosphere it gives me when I listen it.I hope to can listen you alive a day in my town, but I know it's very far from you. My compliments also for your web site; it's simple and elegant, …. very european style!! :-).Best wishes

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