Okay, a word about my song Drifting. In response to the Podcast issue, I wrote a smooth jazz song, had Chris arrange it and put it on the PMN. Well, Bill heard it, really liked it, and wanted to start another album with some original music. (Eek! No pressure!) Well, with Chris and I having day music jobs, it may take awhile…such is life. But, I did want to go ahead and blog about it because I’ve been getting a pretty good response from the PMN! (Shout out to Adam Curry, C.C., the PMC Top Ten, The Big Show with Aaron Bates, and all you guys playing the tune!) It’s so surreal!! Also, blogging gives the platform to share like this…


The inspiration for the song? That’s easy, heartache. We’ve all had it and it’s usually difficult to put in words or song. I tried…and here are the words:



Words/music Karmyn Tyler (BMI)

Arrangement Chris Meeks (ASCAP)

© 2005


The rain trickles down the corners of my mind

Heaven was not so distant a find

Your sweet melody

Playing close to me

Is gone

Now all I have in me

Are all those memories

of song


Drifting far away from you

Drifting, what am I supposed to do

My heart is still entwined

Oh yes, my love was blind

But now I realize

We’re through


Clouds roll in my mind so mistily

You said you would remain close to me

We said our last goodbyes

With tears in my eyes

No more

It can’t be a mistake

Oh how my heart does break

Non amour


Click here to hear a clip.
Or…visit the PMC (Podmusic Music Countdown) for October 29th! Drifting is #8 on the countdown. (Wow! Thank you Podcasters!!) My last name’s spelled wrong…but who cares!

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