Wicked – Most Awesome!!

I have SO been meaning to blog this! For my birthday (thanks to you Momsie and Popsicle!) I went to see Wicked! The Musical! I have for quite some time been listening to the 2003 Original Broadway Cast Recording. I also watched Menzel and Chenoweth at the 2004 Tony’s with amazement and cheered when Menzel won the award for best female in a musical! Her voice is just fantastic!!


SO! I was, of course, excited to go and finally make sense of the musical and all of its idiosyncrasies. Stephanie Block was AMAZING!! Her voice was perfect!! She did not, however…at the performance I saw…hit the F in Defying Gravity, but I DID NOT CARE!!! She was STILL amazing! Her acting….practically perfect!! The control in her voice blew me away!!!  Equally Kandra Kassebaum was as good as Chenoweth!! She was too perky and too “good!” FANTASTIC!! “Loathing” was in a word was: HILARIOUS!! And “For Good” …I teared-up!! AND! I do have to say that the “Flying Monkey” actor during “For Good” was SO sweet!! His reaction to them was just right! Yes, monkey boy…or girl, I saw you and thank you!!!!! AWE!!! Also, Derrick Williams as “Fiyero”? H-E-L-L-O!!! (Can I just take you home with me??) The only voice I wasn’t excited about was an understudy for Nessa. She just didn’t do it for me. I’m sure she has a fine voice, but…maybe she had a cold or allergies? The state fair was going on and maybe it was the cattle dander? MY allergies were even going crazy!!


Ah-well! All in all, it was MAGNIFICENT!! Go see the tour!! You will NOT be disappointed!! You leave completely satisfied in EVERY area!! Even with that stupid girl from Kansas and her little dog…”Dough-dough”!! (HA!!!!)


Here are some photos of “zee group”!! Thank you Debbie and Jac for the pics!



Me & Jac:



Mom & Deb



Me being stupid:


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