Adam Curry!!!

Okay! One of the coolest things happened to me last night!!  I came home from a meeting and I was getting ready to go to bed. Well my mom calls me and says, “Hey a new Podcast played one of your songs.” To which I say, “cool!”


Well, mom was listening to it, and thought to myself, “I know that voice.” So I asked mom who it was and she said, “…uuuhhh, some guy named Adam Curry…”  My brain did a jilt and I thought…THE Adam Curry? Then, I thought, okay so maybe it’s not the guy I’m thinking of….so I did the google thing and found the link to the site and saw my name listed on Adam Curry’s weblog. The whole time pulsating the words, “Oh – my – gosh!” in my mother’s ear to which she was VERY confused!


“Who is this guy?”


“Mom, I watched Adam Curry on Mtv when when I was little!”


“When did you watch Mtv?”


“When you weren’t at home…latch-key kid mom, remember!”


“Oooohh….should have had a babysitter!”


“I turned out fine, mom!”


Well, long story short, the service I’m on emails me about the Podcasts, so I always email the caster and thank them for playing our music! So, I emailed Adam Curry…like a blubbering idiot…and thanked him from the bottom of my groveling heart! WOW ADAM CURRY!! He’s just beyond COOL!!!!!!


Here's the link:

(September 15th)


Getting the RSS feed to put on the blog too!


I wonder if his coolness relates to his awesome hair…i.e. Agassi's former do?!  

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