Oh – My – GOODNESS!!

MAN! Regis is even talkin’ about it!!!! “One of the greatest matches of all time…” But he had to go to bed and MISSED it!! HA!! Good call on this too Reg: “Blake is the future!!” – I agree!!


Pins and needles could not even express what I felt last night! I thought it was ALL OVER for Agassi!! (But I didn’t TOTALLY give up) Blake was up 2 sets 6-3 6-3. Man…even Mac was talkin’ about how he (Agassi) looked his age on the court. (Thanks for helping out John-John!)  I kept thinking, “Andre, I KNOW you wait to ‘feel”  your opponent out before whacking the daylight out of every hole in their game, but…this is a little TOO long of an analysis!) Man, I was praying for his sciatic nerve, leg cramps… (actually I’m a little ashamed of that. God needs to be helping out the hurricane victims more. I was just hoping that this ‘little’ thing (comparatively) would make it on his ‘sure I’ll help Andre out’ list for the day.)  Thank you Jesus!!! And Andre should be saying the same thing!! Andre after an “epic” (as the US Open website puts it) 5 set match (Blake has only played one other 5 setter in a major, I think…) Andre FINALLY wins in a 5th set tiebreak. HONESTLY by the hair of his chiny, chin, chin! (Or head in his case…hee, hee!)


Final Score:

3-6, 3-6, 6-3, 6-3, 6-6 (8-5)


Mercy, the 3rd set started to turn things around, but after Blakes millionth ace, (actually it was 19…and one time he did it 3 times in a row!! Good Golly Miss Molly!! Oye!) I was stressin’!  All of a sudden, Andre got this 2nd, 3rd and 4th wind. Even HE said, when interviewed, he had NO idea how he won that match!! I can say that James Blake gained another fan…me (not against Andre mind you…even Nadal takes a back seat!) And not just because of the tragedies in his life, he man has an awesome game! (Even Momma-Sue, who laughs at my tennis interest, noticed his amazing talent!) And of course he should have an awesome game! Who is the player he most emulates? ANDRE AGASSI!!! HA!  

The only thing I’d say about Blake…the F-bomb needs to be removed from his vocab. At least during the matches! Not only to you lose money, ya lose a little respect too, man. Too many impressionable kids hangin’ around wanting to play and SAY everything you do! I noticed Andre curbing his language. I KNOW it’s frustrating, but it says a lot about a person’s integrity when, in a stressful situation, you keep your cool…verbally!


All in all, It’s been awesome at the open this year, this AND including a ‘new one to watch’, Srichaphan (26 yrs old), lost in a 4 hour 25 min. match with Sangunetti. My dad even got into THAT one!! He (Srichaphan) learned to play tennis by watching videos of Micheal Chang! …love Chang, AWESOME guy!!  Sangunetti (a 33 yr old) played a great game, but they were both matched (no pun intended) in their games! Sangunetti finally lost to Nalbandian who will play Federer (poor guy…Nalbandian that is…) next. Andre will play Robby Ginepri (another American…YEAH!! 23 yrs old.) The ONLY thing Andre said about the match with Ginepri: “I can promise you that there’ll be an American in the finals!” I do want it to be you Andre!!  


One more thing: What’s up with the girls? Biggest shocker in MY opinion? Both Williams sister out! Clijsters blasted Venus!! Whoa!  Now she plays Sharapova. Kim looks good! It should be a VERY interesting match! Also VERY happy for Mary! She won yesterday! You go girl!!


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