It was a sad, sad, sad day for Nadal fans!! Blake kept his cool and beat Nadal. It was an awesome match. Blake was fantastic; Nadal was a bit off. Loads of over shots and miss hits! Hmmm…won’t follow Lendl or Agassi this year! What can I say….Nadal made it to the 3rd and Roddick didn’t…he lost in the first round. Andy, Andy, Andy.  What WAS wrong with your racket? Sabotage?

On Blake, there was a slo-mo on his forehand…it was beautiful! Mr. Steve, ya would have been proud! It was almost like watching Federer in slo-mo or me…NOT!!!! Hmmmm……

BTW – What’s up the ‘no more photos of Nadal since he lost’ thing? SOUTH! Great ones of Blake! Well…never mind…found them!



Poor thing!!!


Random: Just saw Nick Bollettieri on screen! Yo Nicki!!! I'm sure he remembers me…NOT!!


Random: These ‘Emerald Nuts’ commercials…hee, hee! Very funny!! British ad company? Probably or influenced by! OH, and the IBM commercials…whoa…a bit scary!! One day the boxes WILL probably drive! AND Andy’s Mojo?…so scary in a completely different and (pause for effect) ‘oh please no’ way!!


OH and another BTW:

(don't hate me Julie!! I know your know Brooke, but…)

AGASSI's STILL IN!!!!!!!Oh yeah, my dad’s faith wavered but mine NEVER did!! Stephi I’m sure was proud! Berdych…he was a little twerpy today! 19, like Nadal, but without the sound emotional backbone. Completely transparent!! Hello! He (Berdych) is, as Mac said, “DANGEROUS!!” Loads of potential! (another one for you Julie) Like lightening trying to strike!!

That's me…and the definition of most of MY game!


4 thoughts on “Rough-Rafa!!

  1. My my…….you still are enthralled with Andre. Started when your dad took you to the Volvo in Memphis in 1987 when you were 11. You and a friend chased him all over the place. You had pictures taken with Nick Bollettieri and Andre's brother Phillip and his parents. (You still have pictures to prove it). Oh, and you still have that "gasoline brand" denim jacket that he autographed….. I wonder if I could put it in my garage sale??!! It is a good thing for you that your dad took you instead of me….. I would NOT have let you run wild like that!! Andre finally lost so you could come back home and get back to school….. You are still mad at me about that….. Now your grown up and Stephi took him away from you…. too bad… so sad!

  2. Mom…that was EVIL! You prayed that he would lose! How COULD you! 😦 And the jacket? Put it in a garage sale and I will legally alter my pedigree! (?in jest I LOVE being your spawn!) 🙂 But that would be ultimate evil!! Uh, and about Stephi? PU-LEESE! They are a great match! (no pun intended?HA!) Their children already have a ready made fan…ME!!BTW – Oh and check the ?secure file!?

  3. You write very detailed,Pay tribute to you.Couldn’t be written any better. Reading this post reminds me of my old room mate! He always kept talking about this. I will forward this article to him. Pretty sure he will have a good read. Thanks for sharing!

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