Roger Power!! (and the other boys!)

Okay, Roger Federer, AMAZING! Poor, poor Santoro…Ya know, I usually root for the underdog, (unless it’s Agassi or Nadal) but Roger is just WOW!! Standing-O from the crowd!! AND he’s good sportsman and all around great guy!! Whoa what a blazing match!! Nadal and Agassi up for today! (Not playing each other mind you! At least not yet!) Roger will probably win the tournament and…oh well!!! Go Roger!!!



This sums it up:

Commentator: So what’s the hardest thing about playing Roger?

Sontoro: Everything!!!!….. 


BTW – Notice the RSS Feed in the right corner!

ALSO – Nadal is playing Blake a BEAUTIFUL black man so…two awesomely gorgeous guys playing today…3 including Andre! (yeow!!!) J







And of course…Agassi

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